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Crappie Fishing Reports

Weekly Fishing Reports

Crappie Report/Video from Terry Blankenship

Catching Crappie during summer and into fall on Lake of the Ozarks

August 2, 2021Read More


Crappie weekly report

July 8, 2021Read More


Bassing Rob Weekly Crappie Report

March 25, 2021Read More

Crappie at Lake of the Ozarks, Click on Robs Video Link for the Baits (some new) and Patterns

Report by Rob Bueltmann, Bassing Bob and Fitz Fishing 2 - Near PB2

January 27, 2021Read More

Catfish and Crappie updates

Pattern For Catfish And Crappie Continues

August 23, 2020Read More

Crappie Tighting Up

Crappie Update

July 14, 2020Read More

MDC Paddlefish Report 4/15/2020

Report for April 15, 2020

April 16, 2020Read More

MDC Paddlefish Snagging Report

Water temperatures are slowly warming and we have good flows and some flooding & a lot of logs & debris in the water. The fish are still scattered out. Snagging is slow on Truman and upper Lake Ozark. Snaggers are having better success on lower Osage & Niangua arms of Lake Ozark and the upper & lower Osage River below Bagnell Dam.

March 26, 2020Read More

Crappie slowed Down

Guys I have returned to the Lake, just got back from the Costa event on Ky lake. ive heard the good bank bite has slowed if not come to an end. Sounds like the fish have backed off and are now in position to be caught under docks, and or on brush piles. This is also a fun pattern to keep us busy until they return to the bank. We are not far away from stringing up a paddle tail jig and a spinner head and going down the bank to catch spawning crappie. A couple more weeks away id assume. Until then id recommend sharpening up your dock shooting skills. Fish areas around pea gravel pockets, I like the docks that sit just outside of the smaller pea gravel pockets. the fish will stage there and when the time is right the will move into the pocket and begin the spawning process. Also brush in these areas are a big player as well. I will get out this week 2 verify these patterns, this info was passed along by a couple local knowledgeable crappie fisherman.

April 8, 2019Read More

Great crappie fishing as of late

As most of you may know already the crappie bite has been outstanding the last few weeks, and has continued this week. I personally have been fishing super shallow and have had great success. For the most part ive been fishing from the toll bridge to the dam area of the lake including the gravois arm. The better fish I am finding are relating to shallow gravel mixture points about halfway back in the bigger coves. I have been using a weighted cork and for the most part have been setting it at about 2 foot. I really haven't used my side scan much to find the fish, its hard for me to see them when they are that shallow. So I have gone with the ole saying just go fishing!!! I look for the little pea gravely points hopefully with just a slight breeze on them and throw the cork out there at least 3 times. Doesn't take long to find out if the fish are there or not. If they are there usually you can get quite a bit of bites, and know they will be there for a little while. the bait that im using the most is still the lake fork shad bait. Bobby garland baby shads work great as well. Also the dock bite has still been good. if you live on a condo dock and or residential dock that has brush and depth its definitely worth a try. Seems to be the big white crappie under the deeper docks in about 15 foot. I know this bite will switch up a soon before the crappie spawn, I hope to see it last at least a few more weeks.

March 25, 2019Read More
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