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    Clint Dickerson

    Will do. Thanks.

    Derek Chance

    I have a Nitro Z7 which is an 18ft 8in boat and I go out on LOZ at night all the time. Heck I even go out during the day. you just have to recognize when to move to safer water to fish. I also venture out during the week in the summer and it is not too bad. Don’t be too scared of taking a smaller rig out on LOZ. You just have to be smart and be cautious. Early evening can still be a little busy but as it darkens you will be able to easily fish and honestly the fish cooperate better then too.

    Erik Devore

    I am fishing in the big bass bash this October. I am staying at the 9.5mm. I have fished the lake before, but it has been on the other side of the lake. I guess what I am asking is if anyone has fished around this area. I would like to know how the fishing is and I am always up for some tips if anyone is willing to give some. I am on cove from alhonna resort.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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