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    Marvin Kropp

    Weekend Report. Fished Saturday the 17th, up the Gravois arm 6:30 am to 10:00am. Caught 4 fish , 3 keepers. Three caught on green/white buzzbait. Two of the three was keepers. In behind docks on rock banks. One keeper on a rootbeer colored chomper twin tail. Shad was present. Son and I fished Sunday 8/18/13 on Gravois again , 5:45am to 10:30am. Total fish caught 8 with four keepers, two three lb. plus. . Fish caught on buzz bait, chomper and jig and craw. Buzz bait bite .started early and lasted till around 8:30am. The we started throwing jigs around docks. Jig bite and catches was in front of shady docks in around 12-15 feet. Two largest fish was on buzzbaits. Water temp around 77 degrees. Shad present.

    Bob Bueltmann

    Great report Marvin, thanks for sharing with Bassing Bob members. This report will be added to Bassing Bob daily report. If you ever take any pics on the lake, please send them to info@bassingbob.com and we will post with the report.

    Marvin Kropp

    Fished from 6:30am to around noon. Caught 4 fish. Three dinks and one keeper close to three pounds. All caught early on white buzz baits. Fished Racoon Cove and a litte ****her up Gravois on various coves. Bite was pretty much over by 9:00am. Switched to jigs after that with no luck. Water temp has really warmed back up.

    John Schmitz

    Anyone fished the Gravois lately? I’m headed there Tuesday and wondering how the bite is. Thanks

    Marvin Kropp

    Fished the entire week of September 23rd. Most of the days fishing was tough with high blues sunny skies. Caught a lot of short non quality fish during the week. Best day was the 25th, lots of heavy fog and cloudy skies until noon. Caught nine fish, three keepers with one 4 1/2 lb. on a black crock o gator buzz bait close to bank behind dock. I did get some good fish and bites on a rattling chug plug, chrome and blue.
    Overall I caught many fish just not a lot of quality, I threw everything but the kitchen sink, buzzbaits, chompers, senkos, jigs etc. The excellent weather was great for a week off but not the best for fishing.

    Marvin Kropp

    Fished 10-19 from 8:30-1:00am. Caught four fish total, started with a black crock-o-gator buzzbaits and had several blow ups but landed no fish. After sun really got high and came out flipped docks. Still no luck with jigs. After going into Racoon cove I noticed the whole area was loaded with shad. Switched to a white fluke, started catching some small fish 12-14in. Water was super clear. Actually seen one bass swimming alone chasing shad, threw my fluke almost on his head and he swallowed the fluke, around 14in. Was fun watching him attack it. Try again tomorrow .

    Dave Bueltmann

    Welcome back Marvin!! Thanks for the report. I guess there is no signs of turnover in that area of the Gravois with the water being that clear. Dave

    Marvin Kropp

    Fished 11/30/13 around the 5mm to 7mm on the Gravois Arm. Water temp was 52 degrees. Air temp was around 56. Started fishing around 10:30 am.till 3:00 pm. Fished some main lake points and into the mouth of coves. Threw buzzbaits, jigs and spinnerbaits. No quality fish. With the largemouth not really biting we started picking up some nice white bass on jerk baits when the wind started picking up. We hit a spell when my son and I both had them hooked at the same time. All were quality whites, nothing small. We ended up with around fifteen fish in a hour and half. Lots of fun, when they hit , they hit like a ton. Usually when picking them up I pick up some small ones but not today all large whites. While we was disappointed with the large mouth bite it ended up being a great day on the lake.

    Ben Mccullough

    Fished yesterday morning from 630-1030am and also the evening before from 5-830pm. Finally the bass were on. It was after the prefrontal rain but before the front had come through. Fronts are available on weatherunderground.com. This is a helpful tool to figure out when and if fronts have passed through. Back to the fishing. Monday evening the bass seemed to be located on any boat dock just inside main lake points. They were positioned on almost every corner. This yeilded several keepers with one being 6 pounds. The next morning 14 fish, 10 of which were keepers, biggest being 3.5lbs. Great morning and evening bite all came on one bait. The 12′ ribbontail worm in either black blue fleck or black grape fished texas style on a 3/8oz bullet weight with a 5/0 hook. It was exciting. That front changed everything. Something to look for in the future until fall really hits.
    P.S. the more brush present on the the first couple of docks inside the point the better the fish were. Keeping the worm in as much contact as possible with the brush.

    John Mckamely

    Anyone recently been out bass fishing (as in today or this past weekend) and have any updates?

    Also, what brand and color skirt and blade buzz baits are producing?

    Does sun/clouds and water color affect buzz bait skirt color and blade choice? Please explain.

    In lieu of or in addition to the buzz bait, how has bite been on spook? Best retrieval method?

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