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    John Mckamely

    Anyone recently been out bass fishing (as in today or this past weekend) and have any updates?

    Also, what brand and color skirt and blade buzz baits are producing?

    Does sun/clouds and water color affect buzz bait skirt color and blade choice? Please explain.

    In lieu of or in addition to the buzz bait, how has bite been on spook? Best retrieval method?

    Kris Turek

    Its hard to beat a crock o gator head knocker buzzbait. I usually use a black one with a gold blade. I also have been using a Booyah counterstrike buzzbait and it has been producing well for me lately. Water color does not affect color choice too much unless you are fishing muddy water. Sometimes if it is really dark and cloudy a white buzzbait works better cuz the bass can see it better.

    Coty Sleeper

    Any reports lately on this area recently?

    Cliff Wolf

    I went out this weekend for a few hours each day. Still not biting good on bottom. baits . Tried deep points and some shallow brush. I threw brushhog and red shad worm for an hour with only one little fish biting. So went to crankbait and caught quite a few small fish around schools of small gizzard shad. They would also hit my zara puppy but really not the big spook. Water is cooling going to get good soon I hope.

Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)
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