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    Rich Callison

    Anyone know what the ice situations is at lake. My boat is on lift in cove that gets little wind near 54 bridge Osage Beach. Looking at coming down from St. Louis this weekend for tournaments.

    David Short

    I don’t live on the lake but I seen pictures yesterday of 8 to11 inch thick slabs

    Bryan Hug

    Any word of Coffman?

    Steve Murdock

    We were down at our place on 29mm last weekend. Drove over 4 bridges, toll, hwy 54, H deck and nagana. Solid ice as far as you can see.

    We had 6-10 inch thick ice at our dock. I know this first had because our lift failed and our boat was in the water an had to break all the ice so we could lift it back up.

    I think we are at least a couple of weeks getting rid of the ice. Lake level is also very low.

    Robert Hime

    was down over weekend and agree with 6″ or more ice and went to Shawnee bend ramp and same story. curious about tournaments in two weeks because looks like next week could be cold.

    Mike Koenig

    I’m the same boat – suppose to be fishing Mar 1-2. The only live feed lake cam I can find on line is KY3’s. Yesterday evening the lake was still solid from their shot. This morning it appears the wind swung the camera so the lake is no longer in the VOF.

    Any updates would be wonderful – or if any knows of other live camera links.

    James Yalem

    I amazed. After yesterday, high temps and wind, I cannot see any ice on the lake from my 4th floor condo near the glaize bridge in the glaize arm.

    Marvin Kropp

    Went to Coffman beach today and most ice is gone. Still had some ice at ramps. Although I did see a boat go out thru the light ice. Should really be cleared up this weekend for sure.

    Brian Jarrett

    Thinking about hitting the water depending on the ice tomorrow. How “thin” was the ice at Coffman and has anyone been to Shawnee in the last 48 hrs? Not afraid to break a little ice, but just want to make sure that I’m not going to be dodging ice everywhere I go. Had good strong winds yesterday and a good solid warm day today. Should have a good warm sunny day tomorrow which should help. Has most of the ice been relegated to the middle or backs of coves, or is there still ice in areas of the main lake? Cabin fever is taking its toll and I’m itching to get back on the water ASAP, but don’t want to risk dragging a boat all the way to the lake and basically having to right back around head home. Any input would be much appreciated.

    Justin Wolfson

    I got down last night and was shocked to see no ice in our cove at the 23 mm and I am in the back. Heard from a few local anglers the fishing is still tough

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 14 total)
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