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    Bruce Holt

    We are taking out of Red Oak on Saturday and Sunday. It is not an area that I am familiar with. Would appreciate any help and suggestions. I am a new pro member on this site.

    Chris Milanovits

    I fished the 28mm of the Osage to the 30mm last weekend. Had a great bits on a wacky rig senco. Watermelon candy color on the deep ends of docks. Needed to have a little wind blowing into them didn’t matter where I was at from the back of coves to main lake docks. As long as you hit the deep ends and let it drop then twich it back to the boat. A lot of shorts and a few nice keepers. Good luck!

    Bruce Holt

    Thanks for the information. I am in second place after first day and had second big bass today and a total of 8-9. First place is 10-2. Fish were on big rocks. I wish I new the lake better so I did not have to run in each pocket looking for them. We go out of red oak again tomorrow. Nothing all the way back.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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