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Lake Of The Ozarks Bass Fishing Reports

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    Brian Hansen

    The past few weekends down at the lake I haven’t been able to get a morning bite (6-730am).
    I know the fish tend to roam more in the low light, but also tend to be a little bit more aggressive in my past experience. I’ve tried top water, moving baits, and have even slowed down and fished shaky head/jigs. But my first bite won’t come until after 730/8.

    Seems anytime after 8 I don’t have an issue catching fish when I can get out. I’ve had some of the best days on the water the past few weeks with and without current in the afternoon. I fish the same areas, so I know the fish are there as they show up on my graph in the same spots morning/afternoon.

    I know most of you are probably thinking – hey idiot, just don’t go out until after 8 and fish, but it’s the only time I really get (other then my kids nap time or when they go shopping/miner mikes with mom – the afternoon bite) as my wife and kids get up around 8 and I get the text/call to get back to the condo. So I don’t get/have all day to fish.

    Any advice/ideas would be great?!?!


    Joe Arnold

    This applies to up river where I guide at —–
    Early you can target docks that are on bluffs where they sit over the main channel. Bluff ends are good also if you get there first.
    Topwaters like a spook junior or pop r and smaller buzzbaits are good choices and a lot of fun.
    As the summer moves into mid August you can throw at docks that are on back of creek flats.
    Hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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