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Lake Of The Ozarks Bass Fishing Reports

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    Nick Hennicke

    I was down at The lake this past weekend and we stay up on the Niangua arm. I typically fish about 5mm to 10mm on niangua.

    Because of the recent rains the water was incredibly muddy, and boy the bite was tough.
    Most other fishermen I ran into said the same thing with most catching no fish, and a couple who caught one or two small bass.
    Water temp is about 43degrees, visibility and the water was maybe a couple inches.
    Did anybody have better luck? The second day, I tried heading toward the 2-3mm on niangua, which helped clarity a bit… but fishing was still bad for me.

    I tried a jig most of the time. I figured clarity was too bad for stick bait. I even tried a spinner bait- no success. The bait fish were around … but I sure couldn’t find the bass.
    Any of you more experienced anglers have any ideas or better luck this past weekend?
    Just suck it up and drive further until better water clarity? Or was I just missing the fish?

    Kevin Hamilton

    I live on the Little Niangua and it has been either pretty stained or just plain muddy since early December, wish I could say otherwise, but it is what it is… Have been pretty busy and just got my boat back from the shop. I will check back here and let you know if I see it clearing up. I will be out of town until 8 Mar, but that is when everything should start picking up anyway. Good luck! Oh, the further you go down stream it gets better but not that much…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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