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    Tom Heisler

    Billdo hit the nail on the head. Back when 724 Outdoors was the only website reporting tournament results and fishing reports several of the winners were quoted as having culled multiple times and weighing limits and cashing checks. After several comments by myself that they weren’t following the law it did not stop they just stopped bragging about the number of culls they had made. The person that does make that decision when that 2 lb keeper is caught early in the day is not on even odds with the person doing it later. Same thing with the catfish reports that used to state crappie sides as good bait. They didn’t stop using them now they use perch sides

    Bob Chesnut

    Since nobody at bassing bob would answer my question about culling I called the conservation office myself to find out. I was told that in July and August there is no culling at all. If you are in a tournament and catch a fish you must decide right then to keep it or release it. Any fish that is in the live well can’t be replaced with another fish, and since the limit of fish you can have in your live well is 5 according to the tournament rules you are done when you keep the 5th fish. This is according to the PROTECTION DIVISION OF THE MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION. If you wouldn’t shoot a deer out of season make sure you don’t CULL A BASS OUT OF SEASON.

Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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