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    Derek Chance

    If only one of your units was side imaging where would you put it? At the trolling motor or console?

    Bob Bueltmann

    Derek, that is a great question. My previous boat had only side imaging by the driver area not front. My new boat has on both, I have used SI it in front with sonar also, mainly to see brush/structure, etc. However, I have noticed when fishing with some of the BB experts, that they will have sonar and map graph together on the front so to follow contour breaks, channel swings, etc. So I have started to do the same. The side imaging on the driver area is a great way to idle, find and mark brush piles, see bait fish/fish, etc. I will look forward to other comments on this.

    Brian Jarrett

    console. i would use it to mark structure and contour changes. i would also use it to for spotting schools of fish or baitfish, then use it in conjuction with marker buoys to mark my spots. i don’t use a fishfinder for much more than telling me the depth, water temp, and structure and fish position. beyond that i rarely pay much attention to it, though i might benefit by utilizing one more. for an example, this summer i was finding fish in brushpiles in 12-18 feet of water. i would use my electronics to help find those brush piles in that depth, but that would be it. there would be times that i wouldn’t see fish on my graph at all, but was still catching fish. i don’t personally own a side imaging unit or high end fish finders for that matter either. my success possibly could be better if i did, but i can’t afford those units yet. that and most of the bass fishing i generally do is out the back of somebody else’s boat so all i ever use one for is just for depth reference to help me determine what to use based on how they’re fishing. i would gladly take any lowrance hds-7’s or humminbird 1198’s that anyone would be willing to donate.

    Rich Callison

    Definitely at console, the side imagining work better at 3.5 to 4 miles per hr. , also the head of your trolling motor rotates with foot pedal . The slightest movement of front pedal distorts side imaging. I have 998 at console and 898 at front. Front unit I pretty much keep on two directional sonar and down imagining and switch to Gps if I want to see contour lines and waypoints . I have the two units linked together, so when I mark a waypoint it appears on both units.

    Wayne Akers

    I would definately put the side imaging on your console . I have them at both locations , but the trolling motor rotation will some what distort unless you keep it held to a steady course . You will have to keep that in mind or you will spend alot of time trying to figure out what and where your looking .I have a 998 that does that and down imaging etc . The other unit I have up front I use to read contour lines mostly . Get to many things to look at , no time to FISH. When your driving the boat you will idle at the right speed for side imaging and be able to pick out the structure ,bait fish , etc. .Then go back and work the location using your front unit as your eyes. If you are fishing with a partner leave those units on and he also make pick up key spots . To me your eyes are the best fish locators . The shore line and land structure tell alot . Technology is just another tool , still got to get them to bite .Sure wish that ice would melt .

    Derek Chance

    Great advice so far. I have 2 HB units that are linked via Interlink. Only one is an SI model. What I actually did was bought an extra SI transducer for the trolling motor. Both units will run off either transducer. So I can actually interchange them using the quick release mounts. If I want SI at the TM I just have to switch the units around. If I want it at the console, same thing. Poor man’s way to have SI at both locations however not ideal. I think I would agree that for the typical electronics beginner like me having SI at the console is more beneficial. I read all the time about how useful it is at the trolling motor, but I tend to wonder if that is for people that understand and can read their SI better than what I can.

    Mick Portell

    This is some good information to consider for my situation. This is only my second season of owning a boat at the lake. The used boat I purchased had an HDS5 with lake insights (no structure scan) and an older black and white sonar on the bow. I’ve been looking to replace the old model and debating which way to go. I’ve been eyeing an HDS7 and have been under the assumption that if the new unit was purchased with structure scan, it could be networked to the other unit and just run both off the rear transducer. Can anyone confirm my interpretation is accurate and if this is a viable option.

    Brian Hansen

    Yes, you are right and it can be linked. Although, if the HDS 5 is Gen 1 and the HDS 7 is Gen 2, the only thing you won’t be able to do is share way points between units. So if you mark something while you are trolling at the front of the boat it won’t show up on your unit at the console unless you go back and mark it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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