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    Josh Tucker

    I pay the yearly fee for crappie info but rarely see any new posts. I dont necessarily need “pro staff” reports but would rather see more of a collection of reports and info from other members. Bassin Bob, how about providing some sort of incentive for members to post fishing reports? Possibly a point system where every 5th report with useable info we get a certain % off our next years membership fee? This site would be great and more people would find value in it if there were more reports being made! I dont get time to fish very often so I need all the help I can get to have a successful day on the water!

    Jerry Jones

    i agree with Josh Tucker ..
    the guys on the video talking about the crappie .. going out 2 to 3 times a week and nothing put on members report.
    daily catch etc..

    Bob Bueltmann

    Great input guys. Our sincere apology for our not having more regular crappie reports. We are working on somethings on our end to be more regular such as the guys on our team Rob/Ben/Steve to coordinate each week to be sure someone is out there fishing and posting reports. I like your idea of an incentive for members reports too. the points system with a discount, while a great idea would likely be a bit of an administrative effort for us due to how the commerce side of our website works. What I am thinking is to do a quarterly drawing for a prize, like a rod/reel, gift card to Fitz’s, something like that. Each time a member ads a valid and verified report, their name goes in the hat, as many times as they post, then at the end of the quarter we will do a drawing. What do you think. Thanks again guys. Bob

    Josh Tucker

    That sounds like a great alternative. Maybe it will help!

    Cliff Wolf

    This would definitely get me reporting my catches and observations for crappie and bass as well. Great idea guys.

    Jerry Jones

    see more reports on crappie.. thanks
    give an idea of what type bait and fishing to do.

    Wade Clay

    Great Idea guys!!!! Love the point system idea and having the quarterly drawings.

    Dave Dzurik

    I finally retired and moved to the lake. I try to post weekly wether bad or good on my crappie fishing trips. It would be nice to see other members reports wether they got a limit or not and where they fished and tactics used. Great idea to have quarterly prizes for incentive.
    Capt. Dave

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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