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Home Forums Lake Of The Ozarks Bass Fishing Reports What Was The Deal With BBB Action So Centered Around Alhonna?

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    Rich Waite

    I noticed that the Alhonna area dominated the check fish in this years’ BBB. What was the deal with that? It’s not usually that centered on one area. Just curious. Seems odd. My only guess is that the fish were a day or two behind in that area and perhaps more willing to eat and not so geared up to spawn as in the upper reaches? I fished out of the Red Oak area and had a 4.40 that missed a check by 1/4 ounce. The bite was tough to say the least. The big fish were starting to move shallow but were not tight on the beds and seemed spooky for sure. Not in a feeding mode. A day or two can make a world of difference this time of year and am wondering if the fish around Alhonna were just day back in the spawn and in more of a biting mode? I don’t know…?

    Brad Qualls

    Not sure what to think. I had the same result. My partner and I tried to investigate and this is what we came up with. BBB didn’t keep weigh in locations every year so these percentages are from Spring of ’14 and ’16 and fall of ’13 and ’15. Combining all of those tournaments, Alhonna had 47% of fish weighed in for $$$. Next was Red Oak with 24%, PB2 with 22%, and Red Fox with 7%.

    Bottom line is, I have to learn that area of the lake better to stand the best chance. Fishing pressure didn’t seem to matter as much up there. Little to no pressure where we have fished the past three years, but no real bite.

    This year 110 of the 208 fish on the board were from Alhonna. 174 of the 208 fish on the board were from Alhonna and PB2 combined.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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