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Product Reviews

Garmin Force Trolling Motor

I’ve been using the new Garmin Trolling Motor now for 6 months.  Here are my general review comments.  Brushless motor will move my Z-21 Nitro at 4.25 MPH.  Battery draw is minimal,  (I had a tripped GFI and didn’t charge for three days and didn’t even notice any power loss.)  The spot lock feature update rate had to be turned up on a 10 point scale to from 5 (factory setting) to 9,  boat drifted to much. My wireless controller was bad and Garmin replaced it.  The prop has a hard knife edge, if you hit anything metal it will break, carry a spare.  I had to tighten the adjustment screw for tension on the foot pedal to keep it from being jerky and over compensating when I move the boat.  The motor is very quiet as advertised.  When you pickup the motor to stow it on the deck it automatically goes to a home location which is convenient.  Overall at this point I would buy another Garmin unit when I need one.

– Mark Dunbar

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