Sunday, December 3rd
Scattered Clouds - Wind: 11.99 Mph
38.1 °F
Fishing Reports

Challenging Water Conditions

Daily Fishing Log For August 8, 2013

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date August 8, 2013 Air Temp 80's Current Generation Heavy
Fisherman Bob/Dave Water Temp Low 80's
Hours Fished 4.00 Sky Partly Cloudy Water Clarity Stained-Muddy
Fishing Overall Poor Wind Moderate
Fish Caught
Total Bass Caught Total Keepers
3 1
Size/Weight (Pounds)
3 4 5 6+
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Wobble Head with Worm Texas Rigged Plastic Worm and Zara Super Spook
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
Black 10" Trick Worm Green Pumpkin Worm w Chartruese Tail and Black Zara Spook

Shallow areas of docks and shallow creek pockets.

Fishing Notes

The water level is very high due to recent rains. The rains have washed a lot of debris, twigs, sawdust and logs into the lake from creek run off. This afternoon and evening from 4:00PM – 8:00PM we concentrated our fishing in the backs of the creeks and creek channel pockets with debris in the water. The fish we caught today were caught around docks and creek channel pockets with debris in the water and around bank brush that is now in the water due to the high water. In addition to the fish that were caught on a worm and spook, we had many hits/blow-ups on the frog around laydowns and shallow foam floats. There are many patterns that can be fished in these water conditions, including tubes/beavers and worms shallow, swimming a jig around docks, heavy jigs and worms on points and bluff ends and creature baits in the backs of coves under the creek run-off junk.

Photos of the Day

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