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Saturday, June 10th
Clear Sky - Wind: 5.99 Mph
65.3 °F
Fishing Reports

2nd Place Finish With The GREAT Wayne Fitzpatrick

Daily Fishing Log For April 27, 2014

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date April 27, 2014 Air Temp 55-70's Current Generation Minimum
Fisherman Bob and Wayne Fitzpatrick Water Temp 60-63
Hours Fished 8.00 Sky Overcast/PC Water Clarity Clear
Fishing Overall Good Wind Moderate
Fish Caught
Total Bass Caught Total Keepers
11 8
Size/Weight (Pounds)
3 4 5 6+
3 3 2
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Jig, Beaver and Tube Lizard and Jig
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
White n Red Jig, Ochochobee Craw Beaver and Black Tube Green Pumpkin Lizard and Orange and Grn. Pumpkin Dirks Jig

Spawning bass from the 8mm to the 2mm of the Osage around docks in spawning pockets.

Fishing Notes

Wayne and I had a fun day fishing today for spawning bass. While Wayne did most of the work catching, we both worked hard this past week scouting out bedding bass on the lower end of the lake. We scouted over 15 bass that we felt were 4-6 pounders, marked them on the graph and made notes to be sure to find them in the event of heavy cloud cover and wind. Fortunately we made very copious notes as it was overcast and there were some strong winds. However, although the spawning bass seemed to be on a bit steeper banks in about 4 feet of water, we were able to locate the bass and catch them although they were much harder to see than earlier in the week. Wayne caught 5 keepers in a row of the fish we marked. However, only 3 of the keepers ended up in the live well. The second fish that Wayne caught was a nice 3.5-4 pounder, I figured it would be one to be culled, so as I was putting on the culling ball, the fished jumped out of my grip and back into the water (ouch, I felt so bad), fortunately we made up for that average fisherman mistake. The other a nice 5 pounder was foul hooked so we had to let it go…that hurt and maybe cost us the tournament win. However, second place with 23.24 is ok with me :). We had to stop fishing about 1:30 as my trolling motor batteries shot craps and we had very little capability to maintain position on the fish when too deep for my power pole. The good news is that about the time we pulled into PB2 to wait for the weigh in, the big mother lode of rain, wind, hail, etc. hit, so we did not have to fish or run in that nasty weather.

Photos of the Day

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