Friday, December 8th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 11.99 Mph
56.0 °F
Fishing Reports

Fished Today With Fishing Great Dion Hibdon

Daily Fishing Log For January 2, 2015

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date January 2, 2015 Air Temp 30's Current Generation Light-Medium
Fisherman Dion Hibdon and Bob Water Temp 44-46
Hours Fished 5.00 Sky Overcast Water Clarity Clear
Fishing Overall Fair Wind None-light
Fish Caught
Total Bass Caught Total Keepers
12 4
Size/Weight (Pounds)
3 4 5 6+
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Dirks Jig with Crock-o-Gator Ring Craw Trailer Megabass Jerk Bait
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
Brown/Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin/Blue Jigs with Green Pumpkin Trailer Wakasagi

12mm – 10mm of the Osage targeting rocky secondary points and creek channel banks.

Fishing Notes

Today I had the great privilege of fishing with Dion Hibdon, a Bassmaster Classic Champion, Forrest Wood Cup Champion and an Angler of the Year Winner. We caught several short fish and had bites the entire time we were fishing, while we tried the A-Rig and Stick Bait today, the jig was the primary producer for us. Most of the fish came in anywhere from 8′-18′ of water. I learned a lot today from Dion, in particular boat positioning in relation to the bank this time of the year. We were positioned well off the bank, casted to the bank and work the jig all the way back to the boat. Most of our bites were deeper and not right on the banks. Dion had the best fish of the day come un-done right at the boat, a solid 4-5 pounder. Dion educated me today on the business of sponsorships for professional fisherman. As many of you may know, the Hibdon family primary sponsors Chevy and Strike King pulled away all sponsorship money this year for anglers. This has left Dion/Guido and Dions sons in kind of a mad scramble for sponsorship money for the coming season which begins in March. If any of you are interested in being a sponsor or know of a business that you feel would be interested in being a sponsor of the great Hibdon family this year, please email me at or call me at 314-575-5545. The Hibdon family are legends of the our sport and have always worked very hard to promote and help their sponsors. Great opportunities exist for Hibdon sponsors, including wrapping of boats/trucks, speaking engagements, etc. It was an honor for me to fish with Dion today.

Photos of the Day

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