Friday, March 1st
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 5.99 Mph
35.8 °F
Fishing Reports

Never To Cold To Fish!!!!

Daily Fishing Log For January 8, 2015

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date January 8, 2015 Air Temp 20s Current Generation Strong
Fisherman Rob and Bob Water Temp 40-40.5
Hours Fished 2.50 Sky sunny with some clouds Water Clarity stained to clear
Fishing Overall Fair Wind 10-15mph
Fish Caught
Total Bass Caught Total Keepers
6 3
Size/Weight (Pounds)
3 4 5 6+
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
M TNG Megabass Stick Bait
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
wakasabi color stick bait with a green back

Glaze,steady jerkbait pace, Pea Gravel to Chunk Rock Transitions

Fishing Notes

After a morning of Bob and I getting our brush mobile(pontoon used for brushing) over to formula to get sevrviced, and an afternoon of work we were able to get out on the water at 3:00. Due to the cold and the strong winds we targeted creeks that blocked the wind!! even though those windy main lake points are hard to pass up we chose to try an stay warm out there!! The fishing session started off good catching two bass right away on the megabass stick bait, one which was a keeper. We hung around the backyard as we call it(The Glaze) because we were short on time and its to cold to be running far!! By the end of the day we caught 6 fish 3 of them were keepers. Our biggest one was a four pounder at least, but we were unable to get him up in the boat!! tournament day that fish would have been netted! I noticed that our bite was coming in about 8 to 10 foot of water, with the boat sitting in about 25ft at all times. All bites came in about the middle of all the creeks we fished. Though it was cold bassing bob knows how to suit up to stay nice and warm out there!!! Everyone remember we have our next bassing bob tournament on the 17th we would love to see ya there. Until then tight lines to all the fisherman fishing out in the cold!!

Photos of the Day

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