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Crappie Fishing Reports

Crappie In The Back Of Cove

Daily Fishing Log For May 11, 2015

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date May 11, 2015 Air Temp 60s Current Generation Minimum
Fisherman Matt Water Temp 70
Hours Fished 4.00 Sky Sunny Water Clarity Slightly Stained
Fishing Overall Good Wind Strong
Fish Caught
Total Crappie Caught Total Keepers
30 22
Size/Weight (Sizes)
10" 11" 12" 13+"
8 2
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Corking minnows
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish

Toll Bridge area, corking, docks

Fishing Notes

Guys im very sorry i haven’t had much time lately to track down some crappie, we have our new and improved magazine coming out June so a lot of my time is being spent on it. However i have received some tips for some of the locals i talk to about crappie. This one in particular went out the other day when we had the strong wind all day. Matt reports getting back in the coves to hide from the wind. He searched for awhile with his graph, he admits it took some time to find them but once he did it was on!!! the fish he caught were suspended in about 5 -8 foot of water that had deeper water beneath them. He used a cork and live minnows to catch these fish. I will be getting out in the next couple days to really dial in what they are doing. I also have a good crappie report to post later this evening from our good friend Stacey Helton. Stacey is always on the crappie so stay tuned for the report that will be up this evening. Thank you guys, and feel free to share your crappie reports with me id love to post them or just interact with you members. Email me at

Photos of the Day

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