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Saturday, June 10th
Clear Sky - Wind: 5.99 Mph
65.3 °F
Fishing Reports

Very Tough Day

Daily Fishing Log For December 29, 2014

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date December 29, 2014 Air Temp 30's-40's Current Generation
Fisherman James Rice Water Temp 42-45
Hours Fished 5.00 Sky Sunny Water Clarity stained
Fishing Overall poor Wind Calm
Fish Caught
Total Bass Caught Total Keepers
Size/Weight (Pounds)
3 4 5 6+
Baits Used
Keepers Other Fish
Jerkbait, wigglewart
Bait Colors
Keepers Other Fish
jerkbait- ito natural, wigglewart- phantom brown

Kinchlow hollow cove at the 25mm

Fishing Notes

Got on the water about 11:00 and fished till 4:00. I tried exploring new water that I had never fished before. Spent my day in Kinchlow hollow cove at the 25mm trying different types of structure from chunkrock banks, cuts, pockets, sea walls, docks, secondary points, and bluff ends with very little success. However, I only threw three different types of baits: jerkbaits, wigglewarts, and jigs. I did catch one short bass on a wigglewart on a chunk rock bank and one drum on a jerkbait just inside a secondary point. That was the only fish that I had caught all day! I did have a few other bites on the jerkbait and wigglewart but didn’t hook up. No telling what species they were though. I do believe the sunny blue bird skies with no wind contributed to the tough day…It couldn’t of been me!!! hahaha

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