Monday, December 9th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 3.36 Mph
52.5 °F
Crappie Reports

Cold Day But They Bit

Daily Fishing Log For December 8, 2018

General Info Weather / Water Conditions
Date December 8, 2018 Air Temp 23-35 Current Generation Minimum
Fisherman Mark Dunbar Water Temp 48
Hours Fished 7.00 Sky Partly Sunny Water Clarity Clean
Fishing Overall Good Wind Moderate
Total Crappie Caught Total Keepers Size/Weight Baits Used Bait Colors
Sizes Keepers Other Fish Keepers Other Fish
10" 11" 12" 13+"
42 31 12 6 1 Bobby Garland Baby Shad blue ice & slab slayer pink/white
Main lake docks just out of where current were best. 4 to 20 feet deep in the shade under docks. Count down dependent on dock from 7 to 20 seconds, slow real w/ occasional twitch. Bite was very light.
Fishing Notes

Cold but productive day, size is improving dramatically. Bobby Garland Baby Shad and slab slayer baits on 4 lb. line. The bluff docks were loaded with fish in the Gravois but did not bite very good due to high pressure front. Probably fished 35 docks today and caught fish off of 15. Fished Osage and Gravois. My buddies Mercury started every time in the cold temps and ran perfect.

TIP: How do you keep your hands functioning in cold temps? Put one of the orange chemical hand warmer packets just up your sleeve on the inside on each arm. It takes 10 minutes or so for them to activate but they make a big difference. Every season I buy a 12 pack of black cheap jersey gloves and cut the fingers out. Yesterday was a two glove layer day.

Photos of the Day

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