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Fishing Report For October 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This report is from the Bassing Bob monthly meeting with Bassing Bob’s experts covering the month of September  We were fortunate this month because all of Bassing Bob’s experts were able to attend. Present for our discussion: Jack Uxa of Jack’s Guide Service; Wayne Fitzpatrick, owner of Fitz Fishing Tackle & Supplies in Osage Beach; James Dill, owner of Crock-O-Gator Bait Company.  Joining us as a guest this month was Randy Terrell, owner of Anglers in Action. .

This report can be viewed on the Bassing Bob video page. There are 4 videos for this report. Look under the “Videos” tab for the videos titled October Expert Bass Fishing Meeting at Lake of the Ozarks, Part 1 of 4, Part 2 of 4, Part 3 of 4 and part 4 of 4.

The water been clear to stained in most areas of the lake in September.  The weather in September has warmed quite a bit keeping the water temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s.

The bass have been caught both shallow and deep in September.  Moving into October the experts agree this can continue but the shad will be getting much heavier in the creeks in October. 

For the angler that wants to catch those shallow can do so by targeting docks near the back of the creeks.  Trying to find the docks in certain depths is important.  Once you find the depths the bass are biting in, for the most part this pattern will be true in several other nearby coves. The more docks you can fish in the target depths the better chance you have at catching multiple bass.  Having a good shad population close by will definitely increase your chances of being in the right location with bass nearby.  The large gizzard shad schools are starting to show up in the creeks and shallower water. During October watch for the large gizzard shad feeding on the algae of large chunk rock.  The bass will be close by in shallow water.

.  The bass were still in deeper brush piles which is normal for the month of September. For the angler that likes to fish deep will still catch them in brush piles in 15-30 foot depths. Along with deeper brush piles the bass can still be found on big structure. Look for main points with busted up boulder rock as the bass will use this cover the same as brush piles.  The bass may not be schooled up on these points as when there is current but there will still be bass on this type structure.

Like September Jack believes there are 2 main factors that contribute to more bass being shallow in October.  The location of shad and the oxygen levels. Many believe that the oxygen levels are low in the shallows during this time but the opposite is true.  These 2 factors will bring more bass shallow using docks and shallow brush as cover.

All the experts agree the bigger fish will be feeding more heavily in the month of October as the water temperatures cool down.  

Top  baits by each expert for October

Jack Uxa- Swimbait, Buzzbait and jig

Jim Dill- Crock-O-Gator Jig, Shakey head and Buzzbait

Denise Dill-1/2 OZ Ozark Craw jig and Buzzbait

Wayne Fitzpatrick- Creature Bait on Waynes creature Keeper jig head with D-Bomb and topwater such as a Zara Spook.

To learn more about October fishing patterns see the October Videos at

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