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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For February 2015

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February 2015.

Bassing Bob experts suggest fishing with the stick bait, A-Rig and Jig or creature bait.   Watch for the annual winter draw down of the lake levels as this will re-postion the bass to secondary points, steep banks with deep water near by and into brush piles.   The fish will continue to eat, however their metabolism is much slower this time of the year so they will not eat as often.   The fish will move to the banks to feed, but will always want to have deep water close by.   The lower end of the lake is tradionally the best area for winter fishing as the water is clearer and generally a degree or two warmer than other parts of the lake.   Fishing slowly is one of the big keys to catching fish in February as is bait fish.  Find bait fish around points and steep banks or brush and the fish will be close by.   Toward the end of February, start watching for rising water temperatures, especially after a few warm days of sunshine, this will get the fish in a better feed mode as they start thinking about springtime and spawning.

See Bassing Bob's Monthly Expert Video for more details for catching some really big winter time fish on Lake of the Ozarks.



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