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Tuesday, September 26th
Clear Sky - Wind: 1.99 Mph
61.7 °F
Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending May 24, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fishing has been good as the fish are in all phases of the spawn.

The water temps throughout the lake have been in the low to mid 70's.  This week was a full moon, so the second phase of spawning bass have moved onto beds, while the first phase of spawners have moved away from beds and are in a post spawn pattern.

This week there have been many phase two spawners cruising near spawning areas, these fish have been caught on soft plastics, jigs, top water baits and spinner baits.   Spawning fish can be caught on the jigs, soft plastics and top water baits worked on and around the beds.

The first phase of spawning bass are now moving away from spawning areas and can be caught on brush piles, channel banks leading to secondary points and secondary points.  Look for banks with chunk rock and transition banks from pea gravel to chunk rock.

Some fish will also be in spawning patterns around bluff ends and bluff edges.  Fish for these fish with jigs, soft plastics, shakey head, etc.




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