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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending July 26, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Bass Are Scattered on Lake of the Ozarks

According to Bassing Bob expert, Jack Uxa of Jacks Guide Service, he has seen that the bass seem to be really scattered on Lake of the Ozarks.   The bait fish seem to be all over the lake from the main channels, points, mid way back in coves and some all the way in the backs of coves.   That combined with typical summer time bass behavior of being deep and around cover such as brush piles and docks, it makes for a bit of a puzzle to figure out the fish.  However, while Jack repored that many of his guide trips this week did not produce quanities of bass, many of the the bass that were caught were quality, including two bass over 6 pounds, some 5 and 4 pounders as well.   Jack has been focusing most of his time fishing points and long points with a 3/4 oz football head jig.  He also reported a good buzz bait bite on Friday with the overcast skies early in the morning in the back of a cove, where his customer landed a nice 5 pounder and several other fish.  Jack predicts more of the same this coming week and suggest working points with a football head jig and Crock-o-Gator Shaky head with a Senko or large worm, 10' plastic worms rigged Texas style in brush piles and around docks, if there is moderate to heavy wind try deep diving crankbaits on points and bluffs and keep checking for those bait fish getting into the backs of coves and if they are their fish those areas early morning or late evening during low light hours with a medium diving crank bait, plastic worms, top water and wacky rigged worms.

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