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Thursday, June 1st
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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending October 11, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lots of options to catch bass.

The water temperature on Lake of the Ozarks is beginning to cool down now that are seeing cooler days and cooler nights at the lake.   Water temperatures observed this week were mostly in the low 70's ranging from about 70 degrees in the early morning and warming to about 74 during the sunny afternoons.

Reports from the Big Bass Bash last weekend seemed to indicate that most of the quality fish being caught were caught shallow in the backs of coves with bait fish around docks.   Fish were also caught on secondary points and bluff ends.

Early this week I observed bait fish migrating from the main channel of the Osage from the toll bridge to about the 8mm onto bluffs and bluff ends.   The bluff and bluff end bite could be on this weekend and coming week.   There was at least on 6 pounder weighed in that was caught on a bluff around the mouth of the Gravois last weekend on a free falling 3/8 Crock-o-Gator Jig and the big bass of the weekend was caught near a main lake point on a shaky head with a trick worm.

 The water in the dam area is pretty clear and does not start to stain up until about the toll bridge 17mm area.   The river area last week was slightly stained with some pockets and coves very dirty to almost muddy.  There has been good wind most days this week also, which should help the bite be pretty good.

So,there are many options right now to catch bass on Lake of the Ozarks.  Check out the very backs of coves for bait fish and if present fish the last few docks thouroughly, the fish can be holding any where on those docks.   With wind and overcast the fish may roam a bit away from the docks or be on dock ends, dock sides and in wells.  If sunny, the fish will position themselves in the darkest areas of the dock.   In many coves the bait fish are still migrating to the backs, if this is the case, fish the mid areas of a cove around docks.  As the bait fish begin to migrate from the main channel to shallow areas, bluffs, bluff ends, bluff cuts and isolated main lake docks will hold quality fish.   Secondary points leading in to the backs or creeks should also hold fish and should be good with a medium diving crankbait, jigs or worms.  Early morning and low light days has begun to produce a good spook/topwater bite and the buzzbait with slight wind and overcast can also be very effective this time of year.    While all of this summer to fall transition is happening, there are still fish holding in brush piles, most fish in brush piles can be caught on large plastic worms and jigs.    Lastly, as the bait fish begin to cluster into large groups, watch and listen for feeding bass busting the shad, when that occurs, immediately throw to that feeding area wight water you are working at the time.  My favorite bait however for these situations is to throw a red eye rattle trap or shallow/mid diving crankbait.

Good luck fishing.   Don't forget to send us your fishing reports and pictures to, or


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