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Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well, and fishing when its not arctic out!! I wanted to give you all an update on Bob and his health. As most of you know Bob underwent heart surgery January 3rd in St. Louis. The heart surgery was a huge success! Though, during early recovery we did unfortunately have a few setbacks. We now have him at the rehabilitation center where he will have to spend some time to get strong again. Bob is in great spirits and is more motivated than ever to get back to the place he loves! If anyone of you have any questions and or just want to talk fishing feel free to reach out to me or Steve Heitman. Most the time you guys know where to find me at Fitz’s. I will do my best to update Bobs status regularly. Thank you all for always being supportive of Bassing Bob, and Bob himself!!

Bassin Rob!!!

Tuesday, February 7th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 10.36 Mph
56.9 °F
Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending December 6, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

This is the week the lake experienced the transition from fall to winter patterns.  The water temperature early in the week was in the lower to mid-50’s and at the end of the week was upper 40’s in certain areas of the lake.  The lower end has experienced the warmest temperatures holding in the lower 50’s while areas from the toll bridge and beyond has dropped to the mid-upper 40’s.  There was medium generation at times during the week with a forecast of minimum generation over the weekend.  The plan is to hold the lake level at 658-659 the rest of the month.  After the first of the year they will begin the winter draw down.

For the most part the lake is clear especially the lower end.  Areas of the Glaize has some color but is still somewhat clear.

With the cold weather and dropping water temperatures the bass are transitioning to their winter patterns. The buzzbait, spinnerbait and jig bite was still effective early in the week in very shallow water on channel banks with large chunk rock.  As the water temperature continued to drop all week the buzzbait bite was not on.  Jim Dill with James Dill Guide Service and owner of Crock-O-Gator Baits reported a good bite early in the week in the Shawnee Bend area.  They caught a 5.7 in the first part of the trip on a jig and a couple other smaller keepers on a jig as well.  Jim reported catching 3 others on a buzzbait.  The same afternoon Jim and Denise Dill fished the 9-12MM.  Denise caught 3 keepers on a Megabass Vision 110 off the main lake chunk rock bank in 2 feet of water.

In addition, according to our experts the north shore, dam and Gravois area have producing some nice bass on jerkbaits and jigs later in the week as the water temperature dropped.  The banks that had wind blowing directly on them were most productive.  Continue to listen to the audio reports for dropping lake levels and water temperatures.  As the water temperature drops and lake level drops the bass will start to group up more.  For now the bass are fairly scattered but soon they will be grouped on main and secondary points.

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