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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending April 11, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

The lake level as of Friday is 656.  Beginning in April, the plan is to begin to bring the lake level up with a target of 659 near the end of May.   The weather this week past week warmed the lake up several degrees. The water temperature in the dam are is in the low 50’s.  the mid lake are is 53-58 degrees and upper areas of the lake and Niangua are in the upper 50’s

Many baits and locations are catching bass now.  The fishing is very good. The winner in the Big Bass bash caught his 7.96 pounder in the Niangua arm on the lake on a jig. Large bass were caught on many different lures and different areas of the lake.  You can read the summary from many anglers and there baits and locations at

The jerkbait bite continues to catch quality bass this past week. Locations such as main points, bluff ends and secondary points with windblown directly on them have been producing nice bass. There are many fish being caught on the jerkbait.  You will catch many shorts on the jerkbait with a keeper from time to time.

The spinnerbait bite is producing some nice bass on small gravel banks mixed with pea gravel leading into spawning pockets.  There are many male bass swimming in the spawning areas searching out there spawning grounds.  The large females are not far behind.  Try spinners and jigs on cuts and pockets behind docks and in brush piles near the spawning locations.  The big girls are close by.  Most of these fish have been caught in 1-7 feet of water.

Dirks and Crock-O-Gator jigs continue to be an excellent choice.  A 7.22 caught in the Glaize Arm Saturday 4-13-2014 was caught on a Dirks Jig near a laydown and was good for 1st place Big bass for the day. These jigs can be purchased at Fitz fishing Tackle and Supply in Osage Beach.

The A-rig is still continuing to catch some large bass.  Although there are not many bites on the A-Rig the ones that do bit have been good size keepers.  There were several bass over 5 pounds weighed in at the big Bass Bash caught on the A-Rig.

Other baits that are catching nice bass are wiggle warts and DT6 crankbaits.

There are a few spawning beds starting to show in the back of a few creeks and pockets. 

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