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Fishing Report For Week Ending September 5, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Junk fishing in early September?? Yes!!

It seems that fall will be early this year, at least from a fishing perspective.  Fish are being caught on many different patterns right now and many different baits.   The summer pattern of deep brush piles, bluff ledges and docks seem to be working just as they should this time of the year.   The bite that is a bit surprising are the reports of fish being caught around shallow docks and the backs of shallow creeks.   The cooler water temperatures 81-85 seem be moving the bait fish into the backs of creeks a bit earlier than usual.   A couple of weeks ago when we had that big full moon week, there was also a blue gill spawn which also seemed to help the shallow flats and backs of creeks bite.  However, subtle differences in the weather, water temperature and dam generation all seem to be making this bite a bit finicky.  The key to the shallow bite is bait fish, if the bait fish are in the backs of the coves, the bass will likely be in the area and biting, if the bait fish are not there, then the bite can be tough to get.   The water level seems to be a player too, while quality fish have been caught in 2-4' of water, when the generation kicks on or the water warms up, the bite moves to about 8'-10' of water.   Quality fish are being caught all over the lake and the river systems from above the 50mm of the Osage, the Glaize, Gravois and Niangua are all producing, with a similar pattern as the main lake and dam areas, deep brush 12'-30', shallow docks, shaded areas of docks, secondary points with wind have produced with DD 22 and bluff ledges have produced with jigs and creature baits.   The brush pile bait has been primarily on 10" – 12" worms in green pumpkin and blue/fleck and black. brush hogs Texas rigged are also producing as are jigs, in particular the 1/2 oz. Davenport Special Chompers Jig with a Chompers creature type trailer.   The shallow dock bite has been coming from the new bait sensation at Lake of the Ozarks, the Missile Bait D-Bomb on a Waynes Creature Keeper Head – this combination is available exclusively at Fitz Fishing Bait and Tackle in Osage Beach.  It does not seem to matter what color, they are all producing big fish, the Waynes Head that you want however is black.   The seeming attraction to this bait combination, in addition to its great action and perhaps many LOZ bass have not seen it before, is the capability of Waynes Creature Keeper Head as it is well weighted, has an awesome stout hook, well designed brush wires and it can skip easily under swim docks, between floats and under the wires behind the docks.   Crock-o-Gator Brown/Purple Jig, Beavers and even tubes have been performing well and catching big fish on shallow docks.  Top water baits are producing as well, including the Pop R, Spook and Buzz Bait.  I have not heard of any reports this week about the spinner bait, but with the fish biting like they are I am sure that they will produce well too.   So, it seems that most summer and early fall patterns are on at the lake.   You can go with your strongest baits, structure/cover and area of the lake and likely catch some quality bass.

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