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Saturday, June 10th
Clear Sky - Wind: 5.99 Mph
65.3 °F
Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall fishing on Lake of the Ozarks seems like feast or famine. The bite had been pretty tough but the fish seem to be getting more hungry.


Water temperatures have been pretty steady, about 65 degrees to 69 degrees depending on the time of day and the area of the lake that you are fishing.   The water level continues to be high even with the medium to heavy generation that the dam has been pulling this week.

Fall fishing on Lake of the Ozarks can be really awesome and really frustrating.   There are parts of the lake that may be turning over and other parts of the lake can be perfectly fine.  While I personally have not experienced or seen the fall turnover on the parts of the lake that I have fished, it is possible that on some of the tough days that I have had this past week it is possible that part of the lake was in a turnover mode or something was not right for sure (it could'nt be the fisherman, right?  It must be something else :)).   Well this week, I fished the Glaize one day as you can see from my fishing reports and for 10 hours I was skunked, not a single fish, my fishing mate, caught only 4.   Now I will qualify that to say that we spent the majority of the day from the mid Glaize to upper Glaize, the further up we went the dingier the water became.   The lower Glaize seems to have good water color and plenty of bait fish.   The last couple of days I have fished from the toll bridge to the 8mm.   The bite has been consistent and the water seems to be stable.   There are lots of bait fish in the backs of several of the big creeks with the bite coming on spinner baits, shaky heads with worms and top water baits like the Zara Spook, KVD Sexy Dawg and Crock-o-Gator Head Knocker buzz baits.   There has also been a consistent bite in low light conditions, whether overcast or shade of early morning, mid-late afternoon on those top water baits.   My best bite this week has come more from the spook than the buzz bait, especially in slack water around sea walls and off the end of condo/marina docks on the top corner that whatever the wind is hitting, or shade.   I have had some good blow-ups on the black buzz bait on main lake points with big rocks, either just inside of the point to the first dock or on the main lake side of the point.   The spinner bait has been working for me also on main lake isolated docks with a bit of wind hitting them, again it seems the best bite comes from the top corner of the dock on the windy or shady side.   I have also had a consisent bite in brush piles from 8'-15' of water, mostly on the side of docks but better in brush on the front of the docks with a 10" texas rigged worm.   I also have had reports of a good brush pile bite on smaller worms either texas rigged or pegged.    I have not thrown the crank bait, swim bait or A-Rig this week, I do think that with strong winds that these baits would produce on secondary points, main lake points or run beside docks over deep water.   Good luck to all of the fisherman fishing tournaments this weekend.   We are also very honored that Lake of the Ozarks will be hosting the Missouri State High School Tournament this weekend.   Please everyone be safe on the water and courteous of the other fisherman, especially the high school fisherman, these guys are the future of this sport and our future tournament fisherman.   Have fun and tight lines to you all.

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