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Fishing Report For Week Ending April 24, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

Tough Week for Bass Fishing

This week has been a tough week.   We had a cold front come through earlier this week, the temperature drop of a couple degrees on the lake combined with rising lake levels, which now is 656.5 and will be 657 by weeks end and some generation has really got the Bass fishing a bit of a puzzle.   The fish seemed to have moved off the banks and have slowed down in the spawn process.    Last week the water was warning each day, we had sun shine and big bass were more predictable.   This week the best bite has come from 6'-8' of water around spawning pockets and creek channel banks.  Just a day or two of sunshine will get the next waive of spawners moving and hungry.   When/if that happens, shallow water fishing will return with the fish on the banks, on beds and feeding.    Spawning pockets with sun and warming temperatures will be best fished shallow either with some white creature bait on beds if you can seen them or sencos' jigs, Carolina rigged lizard/baby brush hog or creature bait will work best.   If the weather stays cool and water temps continue to drop, then I plan to move back to the stick bait and jig.   Behind docks this time of year is always good to check out too.  If the big girls are holding out around the spawning areas, they will often sit under the back side of the dock.

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