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Wednesday, May 31st
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Crappie Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending June 5, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Crappie Biting Good Near And On Main Lake

Hey guys due to tournaments and working at Fitzs this week Dad and i were unable to get our video report in . So i figured id write you guys a summary of whats been going on with the crappie. This past week i spent alot of time using a new technique to me called "trolling". I trolled Bandit 300 series crankbaits. Either Splatter back color or chrome and blue color. I noticed that a majority of the crappie that i caught were on the first four or five docks right inside the main lake points. I fished a couple days on the lower end of the lake from the 8mm to the dam. early in  the week this area of the lake was clear so i trolled my bait deeper, in depths of 17-25 feet. Useing this technique i would throw the bait as far as i could behind the boat (pending on how deep you want to get it longer cast more deep bait will get) then troll with my trolling moter on about half speed. As soon as i got a bite i would troll back through the same spot i just caught one and usually end up catching 3 or 4 in the same area. They were never overloaded where i caught my limit in the same spot. A good idea would also be to throw you crappie jigs in these spots as soon as you find the crappie with the trolling process. I also did some trolling around the Tan Tara area 23-27mm The water down this way is quite stained and i was catching my crappie in shallower water. I would troll and see the crappie on my graph in 8-15 foot of water. typically when the water is stained it brings the fish shallower, and clear water pushes the crappie deeper. The bluff end main lake spots has also been a good place to troll for crappie. Same for your dock fishing with brush around it. Later in  the week the bite kinda got scattered guys reporting all the color in the water and heavy generation got these crappie a little spooky. Cant wait to get out there this week and see whats going on!!!

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