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Fishing Report For Week Ending June 19, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekly bass video fishing report with Jack Uxa, Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Guide. Jack talks about and shows the baits and techniques he is using now to catch bass on his guide trips. Video with Jack is at Fitz Fishing in Osage Beach, Jack will show you the right baits to catch bass now on Lake of the Ozarks.

Click link below to view this weeks bass video fishing eport with Jack Uxa

Bassing Bob Members

The best way to thank Jack for all of his time, wisdom and input for catching fish on Lake of the Ozarks, is to hire Jack for a guide trip.   Jack is the only guide on the lake that guides full time to support his family.   During this time of the year Jack is usually booked about 10 days out, but during late fall and winter, Jack has more availability.   As you can imagine, when the tourist are gone in the winter time, that is when Jacks business gets thin.   I encourage all of you to call and book Jack for a winter time guide trip, it is a great time to catch big bass and it is a fun adverture too.   Jack will teach you so much about fishing on this lake and he will be a great source of info and friendship for you for years to come.

Check out Jack's website for his contact info and special winter time rates.




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