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Crappie Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending May 18, 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

Crappie Spawn Closing

So in the past couple weeks ive noticed the crappie spawn window has been closing. That being said there still has been an early morning and evening bite on the bank, but its not as good as it was weeks ago. I have pretty much switched to fishing more over deeper water and have had pretty good luck. my main baits has been bobby garlands baby shad and a strike king slabolicious paddle tail jig. Ive spent most my time around deeper secondary points anywhere from 20- 30 foot of water. Lots of fish have been right on the shoulders of these points. Dock shooting has really come into play on high bright sunny days, with overcast the fish tend to be more loose around the docks. I havent commited to brush pile fishing yet but im sure your 15-20 foot piles can be good. I have also found good schools in main lake bluff cuts with a few docks in them. The main lake will be a good place to start looking for these fish either on the bluffs or around docks that are isolated. Trolling bandits, and flicker shad crankbaits will also start being a big time player in the coming days if not already. Start scanning and fishing around your secondary points guys. Match your color of your bait to what water color looks like. With the rain we have got id recommend baits with a little color in it, like your pinks, and chartruese colors. The fishing can start getting a little tough in these times, but if you have good deep brush and good electronics for scanning brush and docks, you can always find schools on Lake Of The Ozarks all year round. Good luck out there guys.

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