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Crappie Fishing Reports

Fishing Report For Week Ending June 15, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

crappie Bite slow, But still Can Grind A Limit

Crappie fishing has slowed here in the dead heat of summer. Right now the best bet is to fish shade around isolated docks with or without brush. Most fish have been comfortable in about 15 foot of water. Some are suspended right underneath the dock foam though. Bobby garland baby shads are probably the best profile bait for this time of year, or maybe even the itty bites. Main lake and or close to the main lake is where you should stay most the summer. Trolling Bandit crankbaits around these isolated docks and deeper brush is a great way to trigger bites, and bigger bites. 1/16th ounce jig heads seem to be the best weight, but dont overlook a 1/32 ounce head as well, real slow presentation can really be useful. I mentioned brush piles as well, your 20 foot piles should have crappie all over it right now, especially closer to the main lake. this is a great time to learn to use your electronics for crappie, it eliminates spots so you arent fishing for fish that arent even there. Blue cats are biting really well right now. Main lake and secondary points with cut bait  in about 15-30 foot drift the bottom ever so slowly. Skip Jack is always my favorite cut bait. sold at Fitz Fishing. I also catch blues way out off the flat pea gravel banks around brush. This is the time of year to maybe get lucky and catch walleye as well. Series 5 strike king crankbaits with lots of color to them is the bait of choice. Main lake big rocky points seem to be the best locations for the elusive walleye, well on this lake they are somewhat elusive!! good luck to all and please share fishing reports!!! Thanks Guys

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