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Crappie Reports

Crappie slowed Down

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Daily Fishing Log For April 8, 2019

Guys I have returned to the Lake, just got back from the Costa event on Ky lake. ive heard the good bank bite has slowed if not come to an end. Sounds like the fish have backed off and are now in position to be caught under docks, and or on brush piles. This is also a fun pattern to keep us busy until they return to the bank. We are not far away from stringing up a paddle tail jig and a spinner head and going down the bank to catch spawning crappie. A couple more weeks away id assume. Until then id recommend sharpening up your dock shooting skills. Fish areas around pea gravel pockets, I like the docks that sit just outside of the smaller pea gravel pockets. the fish will stage there and when the time is right the will move into the pocket and begin the spawning process. Also brush in these areas are a big player as well. I will get out this week 2 verify these patterns, this info was passed along by a couple local knowledgeable crappie fisherman.

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