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July 7th Weekly Bass Fishing Report

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Report by Steve Wilson – Bassfactory Instructional Fishing Trips. Contact at

The bass fishing has slowed down with the lack of current flow here at the Lake of the Ozarks. Its actually more about timing the strongest generation during the day. Adjust correctly and you will catch a good limit of bass.
Lake level: 659.0 with moderate generation scheduled for the next few days. The generation usually peaks during the afternoons when the demand for electricity is the highest. Truman lake: 707.4
Water temperature: low to mid 80s.
Dam and Gravois: Clear to slight stained. The closer to the Dam the more the effects of the current dictates the bite. The morning have been a little tough. The structure bite is hit and miss. The bass haven’t suspended in the shade yet and schooling bass are inconsistent. What I have been having success on early is shallow docks. I’ve been fishing shallow docks early with a jig or creature bait till about 10 or 11am. The current picks up in the afternoon then it’s time to switch to the main lake structure. Deep crankbaits, jigs, shakey head worms and big flutter spoons are catching the structure fish. 
Glaize: Clear to stained. The morning bite is better on the docks in this area also. Fish the shallow ones early with the jig and creature baits. Then once the suns gets up switch to the deeper docks. Bass will suspend in the shade of these docks. Fish shakey head worms and wacky rigged senkos to catch these bass. This pattern works good till 3 to 4pm. From then on through the night the best bite is structure related. Structure with brush is best. Deep crankbaits, jigs, shakey head worms and carolina rigged creature baits are producing. 
Nianguas: Clear to stained. The Nianguas are cooler than the rest of the lake. Springs are located in the upper sections of both rivers. There is good shallow water fishing  during the summer in this part of the lake. After these  pop up storms hit in the summer the water in the upper rivers becomes heavily stained. This puts quality bass up shallow and against cover to ambush baitfish. The baitfish are in the shallows feeding on nutrients that are flowing into the creeks. This influx of new water gets the whole food chain going. Square bill crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters and pitching jigs or creature baits all work good. 
Osage River: Clear to stained with dirtier water above the 65mm. The water is warm in the shallows in the Osage. Mid 80s. The shallow bite is good up here and last throughout the day. The bass are holding on shallow docks and horizontal wood in the creeks. Look for baitfish. Fish the cover around the baitfish with spinnerbaits, crankbaits and texas rigged creature baits. Another good pattern that works later in the day from 10am to 3pm is to fish for suspended bass under deep main river docks. Swim jigs and plastic worms around these docks 2′ to 4′ under the floats. 
Thanks and Good Luck! Steve Wilson – Bassfactory Instructional Fishing Trips contact me at
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