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Saturday, September 23rd
Moderate Rain - Wind: 8.05 Mph
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Fishing Reports

Weekly Report February 22, 2021 – Lake is Frozen

Monday, February 22, 2021

Report by Steve Wilson – Bassfactory Instructional Fishing Trips. Contact at

It’s been a while since I was last on the water. The artic low temps followed by the lake freezing over put a end to fishing till the lake thaws. When that will be is the question.


Lake level: 653.11 generation will be tapering off with a predicted low of 652.5 by Tuesday. If you look at my report from February 10th you’ll see how drastically they dropped the lake. Truman lake level: 704.90


The lake is frozen solid. For example at my house at the 28mm the ice is a good 6″ thick. The lower end near the dam has very little water without ice in the main channel. We were hoping for a hard rain this Sunday. But we didn’t get it. The rain melts the ice fast. Like a ice cube in a sink once you turn the water on. Today’s warm temps did melt the snow on top of the ice. The good news is next weeks weather is going to be nice. I would think by Wednesday afternoon we will have a good idea if the lake will thaw enough for this weekend’s tournament. Unfortunately there is a lot of thick ice to melt. Once the lake thaws out realize the lake level is going to be in the 652 range. Which is lower than we’ve seen it in decades. Usually it gets down to upper 653s. Like 653.7 or 653.9. When the lakes that low very few ramps are usable. Now at 652 even fewer. Use caution!


I will post another report on lake conditions later in the week.


Thanks! Steve Wilson – Bassfactory Instructional Fishing Trips. Contact me at


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