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2020 Fall Big Bass Bash Bait Suggestions from the Pros

We asked several of the top Lake of the Ozarks anglers what they would do if they were able to fish the BBB with the upcoming conditions and here is the responses we have received so far:

Dion Hibdon

I think a lot of the fish after a little bit of fish and pressure will suspend and when that happens the best way to catch them is a crankbait cranked out in the open around shad, that’s anywhere in the dirty water, in the clear water the other way I would fish is with a jig, big fish like a jig and I would keep a jig wet a lot whether I was in the clear or the dirty water.

Lawson Hibdon

Fishing is tough already once you throw 1,000+ boats out there it’s not going to get better. I would throw big fish baits, topwater, spinnerbaits, and a jig. I also think you need to fish areas where big fish are notorious like the Glaize, Gravois, Niangua. If the weather turns for the worst that should help the fishing. Well known angler Dennis Berhorst says he thinks Lawson is right on.

Marcus Sykora

I would throw a big spinnerbait on main lake docks in the upper river or top water baits all day long.


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