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Catfishing In Cold Water

If you're a true catfish fan then you don't want to let a little cold weather from Mother Nature prevent you from doing what you love. If you plan to fish in cold weather then you need to know about these cold weather catfish fishing tips. As you may already know, the fish can act differently according to the weather and the season. In addition, many fishermen respond differently or use different techniques in the cold weather than what they would use in warmer weather. So what can you do to reel in the catfish when it's cold outside?

What are some of the differences to cold water catfishing when compared to other times of the year?

This time of year, there is less competition from other fishermen for a great spot.
There is less noise and other distractions to scare your fish off.
You can find catfish closer to the banks and shore in colder weather.
You do not usually have to go as deep in the waters to find your catfish.
It is easier to fish on the edges of the water.
It is harder for the catfish to feed so they will be anxious to find your bait.
Catfish are often bigger this time of year.
There is more selection as fewer people are fishing in the cold weather. You have a chance at bigger fish!
The catfish move slower at this time of year.
They are often found just trolling the bottoms of the waters.

These are some of the advantages to cold weather catfish fishing. But if you're planning to try your hand at catching catfish in the colder months of the year, you need to know the proper techniques for achieving this.

Cold Weather of the waters and leave your bait stationary for a few moments before gently and slowly moving it.

Move slowly but from time to time, wiggle the bait around on the bottom to attract the attention of the fish again.

Use strong odor bait. Catfish respond strongly to their sense of smell, especially in colder weather.

Remember to remain patient and persistent. When fishing in cold weather, it may take some time to start getting bites.

Remember to pack snacks, beverages and more and be patient. Also remember your cold weather garb so you don't freeze before making catches.

To find the right technique that works for you in cold weather catfishing, you may need to try a few different tactics. Fishing from the banks or from a boat is preferred over wading which is not as practical or effective in cold weather.

You can even ice fish for catfish from a hole in the ice if you have proper equipment. Just go slow, be patient and try until you find the method that is working right for you on that given day.

More Cold Weather Catfish Fishing Tips

Since the catfish may be harder to find on the cold weather and if fishing in ice or cold, your visibility may be obscured, it can be helpful to enlist the aid of electronic fishing tools. Even inexpensive, simple tools can help you locate fish under the surface. These eyes beneath the water will make it easier for you to see the fish and where they are.

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