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June Bass Fishing At Lake Of The Ozarks Summertime Fun

The June water temperature is normally in the mid 70’s to low 80’s.  There are several ways to catch a number of bass on the lake in June. The early morning topwater bite could be the most productive way to catch early morning bass. If that bite is on you can have a lot of fun catching bass for several hours. Try a Pop-r towards the back of the coves close to the flats or on the flats. If the boats and jet skis start to come out you will be protected towards the back and the waves created by the boats will not interfere with the action of your topwater lure. Look for shad in the pockets, towards the back of the coves and around docks. Try these areas early and be ready!  The topwater action can be very exciting and the strikes happen quickly.

As the sun starts to get brighter and the topwater bite slows down try a Texas rigged plastic worm around docks and brush piles. This will be a bit slower than fishing the topwater action and possibly a few less bites.  Try the shaded sided of the docks as the bass are more likely to strike in lower light than in the open water where there is no shade. Many of the docks at Lake of the Ozarks have brush piles around them. When you find them while dragging the worm, try all sides of the brush piles. Make several cast to both sides moving the worm very slow. The water temperature this time of the year is warming but not excessive. The bass around the docks can still be caught in 3-15 feet of water. A spinner bait works well around docks this time of the day as well. The bass occasionally will suspend just beneath the dock floats. Retrieving a spinner bait just 2 feet below the surface along the edge of the shaded side of the docks can be very productive. You will know when you have a strike, because they absolutely hammer the spinner as they dart out from beneath the dock. If the water is clear to stained a trailer is not necessary but a trailer hook is always necessary on spinner. If the bass short strikes, many times you will hook the fish on the trailer hook.

Another pattern that works well in June is moving off the points and casting into 10 to 20 feet of water. This takes real patients as you need to cover a lot of water working the bait slowly. The results can be very rewarding as many of the large female bass have retreated to these areas after the spawn before moving into the mid-summer locations. The big bass can be caught on a variety of baits.  One productive bait at Lake of the Ozarks fishing these points is a mop jig. The mop jig has a large profile and with a trailer will really get the bass attention.  When the mop jig is on the bottom the trailer stands up which allows the living rubber skirt and flare out.  This is a big bass bait and is worth giving it a try.  You can also try a Shakey head and a 6 inch stick bait. This can be a very productive lure to use if there are bass on the points. When the dam is open and the water generation is medium to heavy you can really load up on large number of bass with this combination. The bass will move towards the end of these points as the waters current flows over them. Make long cast slowly retrieving the bait as it drags along the bottom. With the long cast and a lot of line out be prepared to set the hook fairly hard to get a good hook set.

Lake of the Ozarks is a tremendous place to bass fish in June. If you are coming to the lake in June for vacation make sure you bring your fishing gear. Do not be discourage from all the boat activity on the water. There are many place to fish and be away from the boat traffic. One thing is for sure you can’t catch these bass unless you try it. The bass are there and if you give it a try you can have an absolutely rewarding bass fishing vacation.

For More information on fishing while on vacation at Lake of the Ozarks check out the Bassing Bob Vacation Bass Fishing Publication for Pro Members. For all others you can download the Vacation Publication in the Bassing Bob store. 

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