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The Baits And Patterns That Are Catching Big Bass In October On Lake Of The Ozarks

Tournament Fishing Lake of the Ozarks in October

Crock-o-Gator Baits are designed by Lake of the Ozarks Pro’s for Big Bass

Locations and Patterns for Each Bait

Fishing Guide and Owner of Crock-o-Gator Bait Company

Crock O Gator bait co has been making the baits that catch bass on the Lake of the Ozarks since 1984.

As fall fishing on the Ozarks begins, Its prime time for one of Crock o gator most popular baits. The Head Knocker buzz bait, This buzz baits design is compact, true running and makes a unique sound that calls out the big ones. It comes in four sizes ¼, 3/8 ½, and ¾. In the fall on Lake of the Ozarks you need to be throwing the ¾ or 1/2 oz as it mimics large gizzard shad that the bass are feeding on, try running these buzz baits alongside shallow docks or around large rocky points.

Another vary popular bait in the fall is the ½ Zapper jig rigged with missiles D- bomb trailer flipped under shallow docks in the backs of creeks and small pockets. As the water cools down into the 60’s bass can be caught along bluff points and bluff shelfs by using Crock O Gator ¾ oz reaction jig rigged with a large trailer like the Bio Spawn Vile craw or net baits Paca craw.

On tough high pressure days or as fish are getting lots of fishing pressure downsizing  to a Crock O Gator ¼ or 5/16 oz  Shaky Head, pro rigged with a Zoom mag trick worm or stick worm like a Senko or Yum Dinger.

The new Gator Lock Jig Head was designed by Lake of the Ozarks Pro Wayne Fitzpatrick.   The unique head with large eyes and perfect shape is ideal for flipping and skipping creature baits under and around shallow docks or fishing shallow rocky banks.   The head includes a bait clip which secures your bait to the head which keeps it from slipping down the hook shank, the clip also provides you the versatility to turn your bait over and re-use it once it has been torn a bit from fishing.   Pair the Gator Lock with a Missile Bait D-Bomb, Brush Hog or many other creature baits and flip and skip it around shallow docks where the big ones live during the fall on LOZ.

Keep your head down fish your strengths, shade, wind and pay close attention to shad movement throughout the day to narrow down where the bass will be feeding and enjoy this awesome fishery.

Good Luck To You All,

James Dill


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