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What Is Going On With The Bass The Past Few Weeks At Lake Of The Ozarks?

Bassing Bob has just polled our experts regarding suggestions for this tough bite.  Here is what they have to say: 

Wayne Fitzpatrick– fish are backed off the banks due to drastic change of water temp and draw down of water.   Fish a jig in 10′-25′ of water in brush piles.  

Jack Uxa – slow down your presentation, use the wind whenever possible, set your expectations correctly as you may on get a few bites a day, however, they will turn on once everything stabilizes.   The fish are picky, so adjust your colors, they don’t have to eat right now, so they will be picky about bait/color and presentation.  Also, be sure you are fishing water that has some bait fish nearby. 

James Dill – With the changes in water conditions, the fish will back off either into brush, on a rock pile of just suspend in water that is comfortable for them which could be 12′ – 15′ or deeper.   He suggest fishing brush piles slowly with a jig, A-Rig running along the bottom and also to try bluff shelves as they may warm quicker. 

Seems to me the common theme here is to fish slow and fish off the banks.  However, as things stabilize the fish will get back to normal which could be any day now.   Stick bait is not much of a factor for the deeper fish, but we should continue to test that bite. 

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