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Friday, September 29th
Clear Sky - Wind: 3 Mph
68.7 °F


Bass fishing is one of the fastest-rising organized activities among college students. Over the past few years, avid college bass fishing students have been awarded scholarships for competitive fishing and many colleges across the US are offering fishing clubs.

In order to support college bass fishing enthusiasts,,, a recently launched website dedicated solely to bass fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks, has donated funds to the University of Missouri Bass Fishing Club. is also supporting the club by compensating its members or volunteers for reporting the results of bass tournaments that they attend. In addition, is working with the club to design a specific page on’s website which will promote the club and garner a following, similar to that of a football or baseball team. Tournament winners often win large prizes and participate in a sport in which they may be involved for a lifetime.

“We are very happy to receive this donation from Bob” says Benjamin Verhoef, President, Mizzou Bass Fishing Club. “We have had difficulties getting enough funding from the University to get the program up and running. With Bob’s generous donation, we will be able to get on the water more frequently and fish more tournaments. The donation will help us cover a lot of expenses such as gas, hotels, entry fees, etc. Bob is a great guy and is an awesome website. We are really excited that we can be a part of it!”.’s Founder, Bob Bueltmann, is proud to be able to support the Mizzou Bass Fishing Club which is currently ranked 30th in the nation and participates in many tournaments in the Midwest, sometimes traveling as far south as Texas

“We recognize that the sport of bass fishing is becoming popular among college students” said Bob. “In order to promote growth of this sport to a younger audience, we reached out to the University of Missouri Bass Fishing Club to offer our support. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive website on bass fishing at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we are excited about supporting this team of young bass fishing enthusiasts”.

About is an online community that offers valuable membership benefits to bass fishermen of all levels including detailed Lake of the Ozarks fishing logs describing baits used, water and weather conditions and locations all archived on the website to provide members with year round bass fishing information.

Here is the 2013 clubs qualifying tournament schedule

Sept 15 : Thomas-Hill Reservoir 
Sept 29: Mark Twain
Oct 20: Re-Rig(Mark Twain tailwater)
Nov 9th: Lake of the Ozarks

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