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Friday, September 29th
Clear Sky - Wind: 3 Mph
68.7 °F

NWMSU Bearcat Fishing Club: Andrew Nordbye Bio

I grew up fishing with my Dad. I caught my first bass when I was three years old and have been an avid bass fisherman ever since with the goal of pursuing a career as a professional bass fisherman. I did not have a boat growing up but my dad and I would always walk miles to certain coves at lakes like Mozingo and hop in the water with our floating tubes. I obtained lots of bass fishing experience doing this but not much variety on fishing techniques. I mostly fished a Texas rigged worm and a shaky head. 
When I came to college, I got in touch with Brett Ware, the owner of Tightlines UV Lure Company and he introduced me to the Northwest Fishing Club he started on our campus and hired me as an employee for Tightlines UV. Over the past 3 years, my tournament experience has increased drastically. I now own a bass boat, which we just fished with at the Ozarks. I fish many tournaments for Northwest and I also belong to Brutal Bassin Club from Nebraska. 
I plan to continue working towards my goal of becoming a professional bass fisherman whether that means fishing in the elite series or the everstart series. I am majoring in business management and marketing, a double major, where I hope to better manage myself as a professional and market myself to companies for sponsorships. I currently do promotions for Tightlines UV at Cabela’s, Bass Pro, and Rogers, and enjoy doing these very much. I host tournaments for Northwest and help other students advance their fishing skills. Fishing is my passion and I hope to help others enjoy the experience.
I am a strong Christian and hope to share the love of Christ with others through fishing and experiences.

Andrew Nordbye

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