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Friday, September 29th
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Bassing Bob – Robins Resort Winter Bass Challenge Update Regarding January 11, 2014 Tournament

The Bassing Bob-Robins Resort Winter Bass Challenge Tournament Series, is still on as of today, January 7th.   So here is what is going on at Lake of the Ozarks on the water and the key considerations for Bassing Bob regarding the tournament for this weekend.

Key Considerations:

1. Weather

As of now, the weather for Saturday January 11th is for the low to be 32 and a high of 50 degrees, mostly sunny with 7mph west to southwest winds, according to   Nice weather for some great winter bass fishing on Lake of the Ozarks.   We are also watching closely the weather throughout the week to be sure that fisherman coming from out of the area, can travel safely to the lake.   As of now, Thursday  January 9th, the low is forecast for 34 degrees and high of 40 degrees with a chance of snow.   Friday, January 10th, is forecast to be a low of 37 degrees and a high of 48 degrees with a 70% chance of rain.    Therefore, it seems at this point that travel should be safe, pre-fishing on Friday a bit miserable with the rain, but 48 degrees will feel great and you should not experience the typical challenges with winter precipitation or cold as winds are forecasted to be 7MPH from the south.

The weather at this point does not seem to be a factor for cancelling the tournament, rather, it should be very comfortable on Saturday, while pre-fishing on Friday could be a bit uncomfortable.We would encourage fisherman, if possible to book a slip at Robins on Friday, so that your boat will be in the water and ready to go for Saturday morning. Perhaps, just book a room too and relax and take it easy too.

2. Lake Conditions

We want to be sure that the lake will not be frozen.As of today, the main lake areas are totally fishable, the wind of the past couple of days has kept the lake from freezing.Many coves are and shallow areas are frozen.I would characterize this as coves including big creeks such at Red Bud Cove, Pin Oak Cove and Robins Resort Cove in the Glaize have about ½ inch of ice in about ½ – ¾ of the cove.We do expect that the warming this week and wind, should thaw these coves, however, as you plan your tournament strategy,we suggest that you plan on working main lake points and inside of these points into the coves.Many of the first secondary points of coves should be accessible for fishing as well.We will continue to update the lake ice situation everyday this week.Tomorrow, we will be taking a look at coves from the mouth of the Glaize to the Gravois and on Thursday from the mouth of the Glaize to Tan Tara….stay tuned for pictures and updates.In summary, the lake will have plenty of fishable water, but we anticipate that the back ½ of coves will have ice.

3. Ramp and Trailer Parking

We are keeping a close eye on the ramp at PB2 and trailer parking.As of today, PB2 cove is frozen.However, Robins Resort Ramp (see picture) is completely open and ready to go.The good news about Robins ramp, is that the channel of the Glaize comes very close to the ramp, so there is plenty of water to get your boat in and this area takes a long period of sub zero/cold to freeze.The Robins Resort crew is committed to keep this ramp open and the roads leading to down into the Robins complex clear.Robins Resort, can accommodate about 25 boat trailers and perhaps more as we review the area for possible trailer parking.Bottom line here is that, short of freezing temps Friday night/Saturday morning which are not forecast, we do not see any problem getting boats into the water.Bassing Bob and Robins Resort will have staff to help anglers get boats in the water, apply salt and sand as needed, manage trailer parking to accommodate as many trailers as possible and provide shuttle services if needed for those that need to park at the very top of Robins Resort property, so you do not need to make a long walk down the hill to meet your partner on the water.We will monitor PB2 each day this week, so stay tuned to Bassing Bob for updates.The only challenge we foresee with Robins ramp, is that there is only one ramp, therefore arrive early, if we see necessary, we will delay take-off so everyone gets their boat in the water and if we delay take off, we will extend the weigh in time.

So, all looks great for another fun and successful tournament this weekend.Please provide us us your input and feedback via or   Your safety is of the highest importance to us as is making the tournament/take-off, boat launching, etc. as painless as possible.

Thanks all for your support of Bassing Bob, lets go get some LOZ hawgs this weekend.


Here are some pics from today.  Click here for a short video of Lake Conditions Update

Robins Ramp Today

Lake Today

 Ice in Some Coves Today


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