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Wednesday, September 27th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 0 Mph
69.1 °F

Bassing Bob-Robins Resort Winter Bass Challenge Updated 1-8-13


Saturdays forecast is a low of 30 and a high of 46 degrees, partly sunny and a slight wind of 7MPH.    These temperatures and winds are ideal for catching some big LOZ hawgs on the jerkbait and jig.    It should also be a pleasant feeling day for the fisherman.   Not only will you feel comfortable , there should be no freezing on your rod guides/reels and the fish should be moving shallow to feed.  While we are still monitoring the weather this week, which includes some light snow this evening into tomorrow (Thursday) and rain on Friday, the temps on Friday are forecasted to be above freezing, so we feel comfortable at this point that travels to the lake should be free of freezing precipitation or snow and that take off on Saturday should be just fine.

Today, was in the low to mid 40’s, I fished with Jack Uxa (Jacks Guide Service – #1 Rated LOZ Bass Guide) and he and I felt totally comfortable on the water, even running about 15 miles this morning.   We of course wore layers of clothes, thick socks ( for me Toasty Toes and Hand Warmer in my Pocket) hat and a helmet when we ran, however we fished most of the day with no gloves and were completely comfortable.    A lack of wind, I am sure created our comfort, but also hurt our bite as well.


Lake Conditions

Today Jack I fished the 8mm and into the Gravois,   Water temperatures were from 37-40 degrees, very similar to the Glaize and mid lake area.   The water however today was a slightly bit more stained than I have found yesterday in the Glaize.   The coves and creeks in this area were similar in terms of ice as found in the mid lake and Glaize, about ½ of these coves still have ice, while many of the coves we fished today were big, such as Buck Creek and several areas of the Gravois, there are plenty of secondary points, bluff rock banks and steep creek channel banks to fish.  Hopefully these coves and creeks will continue to thaw over the next couple of days, so that even more water is open to fish in the back areas of these coves/creeks.    Today we had zero problem running the main channel in terms of floating ice…we just did not see any during our 15 mile run today.    While not weather related, Ameren is pulling water and has been for the past couple of days, therefore the lake level is lowering daily which could re-position the fish.

Ramps and Parking

Robins Resort is working diligently to be sure that their ramp will be open to launch boats, their ramp is totally clear right now.  Unless we have some crazy snow or freezing precipitation, the ramp will be clear.   Robins also has about 20-25 spaces to accommodate boat trailer parking.   We may need to ask you to unhitch your trailers and park your vehicles on the condo parking areas at Robins, this will help us to accommodate even more trailers for parking.   PB2 this morning was still frozen with thin ice.   The roads, parking and the ramp at PB2 are plowed and open, so all we need is the cove to thaw.   Many have asked me about Phi Hi Se, however, this will not be an option as DNR has no plans to plow the roads, parking or ramp.

Here are a couple of options for consideration of accommodating a many boats as possible (which will maximize all payouts);

1). Put your boat in Friday night, unhitch your vehicle and park on Robins condo parking lot.

2). Register or send BB and email at or and let us know you plan to fish and desire to put your boat in at Robins and park trailer at Robins.   We can then get a closer count and see if any other accommodations need to be made.

3).  Put your boat in on Friday night and put boat in slip overnight, park your trailer back home if local or hotel/motel and drive your vehicle only to Robins Saturday morning.

4). While not a perfect option, Shawnee Bend Access is totally open.  Ramp is clear and parking lot is clear.  Only 11 mile cruise to Robins from Shawnee  Bend Access.   Put in there Friday night or Saturday morning about 7ish.

5).  PB2 will be clear by then, which I currently handicap at about 50/50.   I will check it out tomorrow and Friday and provide you all a report.   As stated, I think this is 50/50 shot right now.

6).  I am working on some other options, so just plan to come and lets all figure it out and have a fun tournament.   Bassing Bob will provide you with shuttle service if you have somewhere within reason to park your trailer.  Just give us a heads up and we will work diligently to be sure that you are at take off with plenty of time and that you are not stressed.

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow.   The big ones are biting and this weekend, the bite should be great for the hawgs.      We hope that everyone can make it and that we have a great tournament.


Pics are from the 6MM-8MM including areas in the Gravois


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