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Saturday, September 30th
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Bassing Bob At The Kansas City Boat Show

Bassing Bob will be exhibiting at the Kansas City boat show from January 23-26 2014 at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City.  The booth number is 331.  Along with Bassing Bob will be the Mizzou Bass Fishing Club and Cashion  Rods.

Bassing Bob will have a free raffle of St Croix Mojo fishing rod and Abu Garcia Revo Sx reel given away to a lucky winner on Sunday valued at $280.00

Other Features at a glance in the Bassing Bob booth are:

  • Demonstrations on the website
  • All monthly and special issue Publications on display to learn more about.
  • Fall Bass Massacre video available and viewing on television in the booth
  • Tournament and Big Bass Bash discussions
  • Brand new book release available written by John Neporadny, regular contributing author to Bassmasters and Bassing Bob.  Pick up your copy of 101 Bass Fishing Tips: Twenty-First Century Bassing Tactics and Techniques from All the Top Pros
  • Bassing Bob Apparel
  • Free merchandise for Bassing Bob Pro members.
  • Meet members of the Mizzou bass Fishing Club and learn more about their club
  • James and Denise Dill owners of Crock-O-Gator Bait and James Dill Guide Service will be joining Bassing Bob.  Be sure to check out the wide variety of  Crock-O-Gator jigs and buzzbaits they offer.
  • Check out the Cashion Rods.  Cashion Blanks are constructed of high grade carbon fiber and manufactured by a unidirectional process, which ensures the carbon fiber runs perfectly straight from the butt to the tip. The unidirectional carbon fiber does not wrap or twist as it travels the blank, ensuring the carbon fiber is aligned at 0° without rotation. The unidirectional process ensures Cashion Blanks are extremely strong because the rod will not twist under load. Plus, vibrations have a straight path down the blank to your fingertips providing astonishing sensitivity.

Bassing Bob Testimonials:

“Love the site guys! Been on it for the past 3 hours.”  “Just joined this site this weekend and am loving it! Great job on this”! John Schmitz

I just wanted to add that this website is great. If you fish LOZ for bass, then I highly recommend that you join and become a premium member. James Yalem

“The website is great. I really admire Bob’s work to create it and market it”. James Yalem

This web site is awesome. I bought a house on LOTO this past fall and this web site is the best tool I have found yet for learning the lake. I have also fished with Jack with Captain Jack’s guide service. Guys, my other place is 45 mins. From lake Fork in Texas and I have fished with several guides on the lake. Nobody comes close to Jack. The guy knows the lake and loves to teach. If you are like me and just looking for a regular guy to go fishing with, Jack Uxa is your man!!! Mark Easley

“Dave, great site. Thanks for coming out and I very much appreciate the commentary of the tournament. Hopefully this will benefit both of us for exposure to what a great fishery LOZ is. My dad introduced me to the lake years ago and I still fish a lot of his shhhhh; secret areas and wow they still produce great fish. Once again thank you and look forward to more useful information”. Jim House USA BASSIN Asst. Director

“First of all GREAT WEBSITE!!! I saw the banner being towed behind the plane this weekend… After 12 years of fishing LOZ from my dock, I finally took the plunge and bought a bass boat and am now enjoying the entire lake. It is really intimidating due to the size and traffic, but this website helps make it a little less intimidating”. Jeff Debus 

“First I just want to say what a great site. I heard it advertised on the radio headed back from Pomme De Terre. I am stationed at FLW so LOZ is closest for me however, my 18 foot bass boat gets slaughtered at LOZ so I tend to go further out so I don’t have to deal with it. But now after watching some of the vids on this site, I think I might try LOZ at night. I’ve been to LOZ several times with my boat so I’m fairly familiar with the lake. What’s the boat traffic like around the Niangua Arm HaHa Tonka area? I’m really interested in fishing that area but have heard it’s just as busy and not very productive. Would be interested in some feedback”.   Clint Dickerson

“Thanks Dave. That would definitely be good info to have. I may fish that area this coming weekend” Clint Dickerson

“My partner and I really appreciate all the hard work you guys must put into the website and the positive energy your bringing into the bass community around loz”. Justin Wolfson 

“This looks AWESOME Dave!  Thank you.  After seeing this, I’m definitely interested in continuing this.” Tom O’Brien

“Bob – haven’t read it yet but did page through it. Awesome! Looks professional and full of great information. Thanks for the help and appreciate this website A LOT”  Jdeeber18

“Just found the Tournament Publication, awesome!  Yeah, there is a TON of info there!    I personally appreciate it.  Funny thing is, even having all that information doesn’t put fish in the boat!  Still gotta get on the water!” Clint Long

“Dave, the video is AWESOME. What a great promo for the Big Bass Bash.” Charlie Terrell, Anglers in Action

 “Just found your site a few weeks ago have been exploring it and reading about all the great information. I am average to slightly above LOZ fisherman and want to improve. Your site has more information and detail than anything else I have found on the web. I have a small buddy tournament this Saturday leaving from the 28mm of the Osage. That is the area I primarily fish and would love any info you might have”. Nitro882

“New member from west central Illinois. Recently retired multi-species angler and whitetail deer hunter. Spend considerable time at our condo located near the six mile marker of the Glaize arm. Thanks for getting this online resource up and running”! NickILMO

“I also just joined up……What a great idea, a site aimed specifically at LOZ, way to go Bob”! Kevin Crane

“Joining this website has already proved worth every penny! With some more time and the water the “Boyz from IllinoisZ” may crack the top 10 soon” Goaltender8

“I have enjoyed your website so far, and I look forward to seeing your new tournament publication”. Chad Davison President-Ozark Mountain Anglers

“Hey guys, First off i wanted to say thank you for adding the general area of the lake that you fished to the fishing report. I feel it will help me out allot…. The gas in the boat can go fast out on the water… I am really enjoying the site and have read and watched almost every video/article on here so far. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the new articles and videos.” Thanks Nick

I will be pre-fishing this weekend and then it’s the Big Bass Bash next weekend so any information is always welcome. Love the web site, so happy to have found such a great resource for LOZ, keep up the great work!

Mark Landis

Great job on the site. The constant new updated information is what drives it and that is great. Also liked the guest appearance at the round table with Marcus. Terry Kennedy

First off I have to say, you guys are AWESOME! Love what you are doing and will support you any way I can! Now to my question. I’m fishing Grand Lake in 2 weeks, the PAA tournament as a co-angler. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Clint Long

I want to compliment you on the quality of your content and presentation. I am a very novice bass fisherman that is always looking for information that will help me become a better fisherman. Your website is it! I especially like the monthly interviews you do with your expert staff. They are very insightful.
Warm regards,
Sam Billmeyer 

Thanks for the site, it is extremely informative and I’ve learned a ton already, just want to continue to become a better angler. Drummer731

 Hello all- Just wanted to say hey, I’m back in the area after military tours all over. Glad to be back! Love the site and look forward to seeing everyone on the water. JROD

Just completed watching the expert series for January, was great! Picked up a lot of great tips. Really liked the hands on interaction with the baits. Great job , keep it up ! Marvin618


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