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Thursday, September 28th
Overcast Clouds - Wind: 0 Mph
69.1 °F

Update 3: Lake Of The Ozarks Ice Update

I just left PB2 (4.30PM)  and while the ramp is open and the water at the ramp is good, there is still a good amount of ice in the cove and the runway out of PB2.   As mentioned before, Robins Resort Ramp is open without ice to contend with in the water.   The main lake area is open however coves that were not getting wind today, like PB2 still have some ice.   However, with the warming temperatures and winds tomorrow, most of the lake and PB2 should be open for the Bassing Bob and BWTSA tournaments Sunday.  For those pre-fishing tomorrow for the tournaments, watch here for further updates, it may take sometime for the PB2 cove to melt but the lake should be plenty open to run and fish once you get your boat in the water.  if PB2 is still frozen in the morning, check out Robins Resort to launch your boat, they have plenty of trailer parking and an open ramp.



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