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Friday, September 29th
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Premier Anglers Tournament Trail

A message from the directors of Premier Anglers Tournament Trail

Premier Anglers Tournament Trail is a Bass team tournament trail that allows anglers to put in anywhere on the tournament waters and return to the weigh in site at the end of 8 hours. Premier Angler’s tournament trail has two divisions one on Lake Ozarks and one on Truman Lake. Premier Angler’s tournament trail was started by 5 tournament anglers that wanted to give anglers something different. We wanted to give anglers a chance to fish their favorite parts of water on a tournament lake first thing without having to wait for a takeoff and then trying to outrun everyone one else to your fishing spot.

This tournament format allows anglers with even smaller boats and engines to be able to fish this tournament trail to. It also gives anglers that have boats on lifts at Lake of the Ozarks the opportunity to just let your boat of the lift and go fishing. Premier Anglers Tournament Trail does have a preregistration that will be the night before the tournaments from 6pm to 8pm at Captain Rons. We will give you the official time to start fishing and when to be back at the weigh in. We also will give away prize packs from our sponsors and a raffle at registration. After registration you are free to go. Just don’t start fishing until the official tournament start time.

Premier Anglers Tournament trail has a weigh in trailer and uses Pro tournament weigh in scales. We have been asked how you will keep everyone honest. Premier Anglers Tournament Trail will  give polygraph test to first place and second place and a random test. So if you want to try something different other than the traditional tournaments and save some time getting to your fishing spot on the lake by putting in anywhere on the tournament waters  and save some boat gas, then give us a try Premier Anglers Tournament Trail. We have tournament flyers out all around the lake area. You can find us on Facebook and on Bassing Bobs website. You can also contact us at 660 441 7726 and 913- 461- 7198. Hope to see everyone at the tournaments.                    

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