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Bassing Bob And Fishing News Are Preparing Comprehensive Resources To Prepare Big Bass Bash Anglers.

The Fall 2014 Big Bass Bash scheduled for October 4th – 5th at Lake of the Ozarks is rapidly approaching.    Bassing Bob and The Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News are preparing comprehensive resourses to assist the anglers to be fully prepared and confident to catch that big money fish.

Below is a list of resources that are AVAILABLE NOW on with your Pro Membership or available for purchase through the Bassing Bob Store.

  1. Big Bass Bash Winning Strategies Publication.   The publication includes interviews from experts, pro’s and fishing guides (Marcus Sykora, Jack Uxa, James Dill, Wayne and Roger Fitzpatrick) with recommendations for baits to use, locations and patterns that they would use if they could fish the Big Bass Bash.  In addition, there is over 30 pages of content to help you prepare for the Big Bass Bash.
  2. Lake of the Ozarks October Bass Fishing Publication –  The October Bass Fishing Publication provides comprehensive insights from Lake of the Ozarks experts and professional fisherman regarding what the fish are doing in October, what baits you should be using and what the patterns are for catching bass.
  3. Fall Patterns DVD with Pro Mark Wiesse –  In this 60 minute DVD, Lake of the Ozarks Pro, Mark Wiesse teaches you how to fish for Lake of the Ozarks bass in the Fall.    Mark will walk you through multiple patterns, techniques and baits to catch the big ones.
  4. Cashing Checks in the Big Bass Bash -Bassing Bob caught up with several of our members and received reports and stories with their experience in the Big Bass Bash.

Bassing Bob and The Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News are finalizing additional videos, expert interviews and must have resourses for the Fall Big Bass Bash.   These resources will be available to you by August 29, 2014. 


  1. September Lake of the Ozarks Fishing News Magazine – The September 2014 Issue of The Fishing News Magazine provides a comprehensive guide that you will need to be successful fishing the Big Bass Bash.   There are over 10 experts, fishing guides and Pro’s recommendations for catching the big bass.
Line Up of 2014 Experts/Pro’s and Guides
Brian Maloney – 2012 FLW All-American Champion
Randy Howell – 2014 Bass Master Classic Champion
John Neporandy – Bass Fishing Journalist and Author
Mike Malone – Lake of the Ozarks Tournament Professional
Dennis Berhorst – Lake of the Ozarks Tournament Professional
Gary Schultz – Lake of the Ozarks Tournament Fisherman and Fishing Guide
Dale Burgman – LOZ Professional Tournament Fisherman and Fishing Guide
Vern Jaycox – LOZ Professional Tournament Legend
Bill Davenport – Lake of the Ozarks Tournament Pro and Fishing Legend
Bill Cassidy – Tournament Fisherman and Owner of Osage Bait and Tackle
Ed Franco “Big Ed” – Lake of the Ozarks Fishing Guide
Randy Blaukat – FLW and B.A.S.S Tournament Professional


2. Roundtable Video, shot at Osage Bait and Tackle, of Fishing Guides and Tournament Professionals discussing what baits, locations and patterns they suggest for catching Lake of the Ozarks Big Bass.

3. Video Interview of Table Rock Lake Fishing Guides and Tournament Experts, Mike Webb and Eric Prey sharing their recommendations for how they would fish the Fall Big Bass Bash at Lake of the Ozarks.

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